You create the memories. We preserve them. 

                                Publications. Entertainment and Business Promotions. Editorial. Music Industry Promos. 
                     Weddings.Bike and Charity Events. Vacations. Reunions. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Graduations. Special moments. 

                                Life in Focus Images


Mission statement

To use creativity and skill to produce memories from your moments. To be involved and personalize every shoot according to my clients.



I am entrusted with documentation of your event and I take that seriously. I look to create art within a moment and am open to constant education and experiences to offer my clients the best experience ever.


Offer appropriate pricing for beautifully captures


To respect my clients, their wishes and provide an

exemplary service

To be honest, responsible and fair

To be positive, nurturing and creative



We continuously strive to offer experiences and

locations other studios cannot. Complete lifestyle

packages are our mark in this industry. Versatile and mobile, we have obtained experiences in publishing, arts, fashion and media successfully.