You create the memories. We preserve them. 

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                     Weddings.Bike and Charity Events. Vacations. Reunions. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Graduations. Special moments. 

Graduation Packages & Pricing

 Our graduation photography specializes in the uniqueness of you......

Candid, expressive & fabulous!                    

Economy  Packages                                                                               155.00

Includes 2 hour shoot
              1 location
              4 style changes
              multiple poses
              CD of 100 pictures
              2 5x6 or 1 8x10

Traditional packages                                                                             215.00

Includes 3 hour shoot
              2 locations
              unlimited style changes
              multiple poses
              CD of 200+ pictures
              choice of prints
              choice of magazine cover or other

Show Off Packages                                                                                 275.00
Includes 4 hour shoot
              up to 4 locations
              Unlimited style changes
              unlimited poses
              CD of 300+ pictures
              1 11x13, 1 8x10 , 2 5x6 and wallet prints
              magazine cover

Rock Star packages                                                                                 350.00
Includes  1 hour consultation prior to shoot
               all day up to 12 hours
               out of town shots
               CD of 400+ images
               Choice of 20 printed pictures
               magazine cover plus additional choice


                         Book early with 75.00 deposit